Handy Insulated Glass Mug

Product details


It’s a Beautiful Life

When looking around, you’ll find

The beauty around you is even better than you can imagine

This crafted handy mug

Simple but natural

Keeps you in that cocoon away from all restraints

Waitingfor that beautiful ray of sunshine

Toawaken your pursuit of a wonderful life


Urban Fashion Storm


Four fashionable exquisite styles are available

With double-walled glass delivering super-high quality 




Make Every Day Wonderful


How to welcome every new dawn?

How about leisurelyenjoying a cup of tea, coffee or juice?

Looking forward to enjoying that first breakfast drink is one of the joys of an early morning

To meet these expectations not just anything will do

Even with amug there can be emotions

And I hope Ican find a unique one


Handy Insulated Glass Mug

Uniqueness means beyond Ordinariness


Made from double-layer glass and silica gel, it is the highest quality

There are three unique styles for you to select

Magnificent colours offering different interpretation of life

Fashionable,elegant, simple and pure, this mug brings you charm and confidence 


This is What I Want

     Master Design

The design is inspired by our colorful fashionable life.Featuring simplicity and elegance, there are three main styles and several colors to choose from. Each aimed to meet the modern people’s pursuit of a beautiful life with the best brand.   


Quality material

Made from high borosilicate glass and quality silica gel, the mug is lead-free, non-toxic and smell-free.Using only quality materials ensures health, a better environment and better drinking. 

User-friendly design 

The handy mug is an exquisite design elaborated in every detail. Covered by a silicon case, the mug is heat-proof, slip-proofand stylish. You can use it on many different occasions and in places you wouldn’t normally think of, and because there are four styles each lending charm and design at different temperatures you can feel good anywhere. 


Yellow  Yearning Yellow, a color like sunshine, is lively,magnificent and full of the taste of summer

Blue    Elegant blue, representing courage,calmness and reason, is the first choice of calm and mature people; also naturaland graceful blue will always bring a warmness to you!

Red      Auspicious red, an outburst ofenthusiasm and presentation of passion, is suitable for the ambitious!

Purple  Stylish and eye-catching purple extravagance pressing, can bring wealth, luck and luxury!

Royal Purple, striking, fashionable and luxurious,bringing fortune, luck and a precious sense.

Black    Classical black, calm and fashionable, favored by many of us for its unique ability to blend and match. !

Gray     Between black and white, grey gives people a sense of gentleness and elegance and is popular for city life!

Green   Lively green symbolizing nature and ecology, full of a strong smell of growth and endless vitality, green gives people a sense of vigor, fashion and health. 

Basic Information

Product name: Handy Insulated double-walled Glass Mug

Style 1: Standard Glass Lid

Material: high borosilicate glass + silica gel

Capacity: 300ML

Size: 80 (diameter) * 166MM (height)

Colors: yellow/blue/red/purple

Packaging: 24PCS/carton

 carton size: 49.5*33.5*17.5CM



Style 2: Smoothed top Silicon Lid  

Material: high borosilicate glass + silica gel

Capacity: 300ML

Size: 95 (diameter) * 150MM (height)

Colors: black/grey/red

Packaging: 24PCS/carton

carton size: 57.5*38.5*16.5CM


Style 3: Raised Top silicon Lid

Material: high borosilicate glass + silica gel

Capacity: 300ML

Size: 75 (diameter) * 173MM (height)

Colors: black/blue/red/green

Packaging: 24PCS/carton

 carton size: 54.5*36.5*14.5CM