MoChic a Handy and portable Tritan Plas...

Product details

Elegance in Your Hands

Itis enjoyable

To pass a leisurely afternoon

You alone, with a relaxing drink

Watching the clouds float by

Appreciating rustling leaves and swaying flowers  


The Creation of a Cool Appearance

Full of artistic vision

It is eye-catching with a strong sense of depth and fashionable charm

With an inter-changeable body

Making it easy to use

An Introduction to MoChic 

An ambitious brief:

A Safe and Healthy material

Artistic in appearance  

Universal use

Must be unique


Elegance with Exquisiteness 

A Kaleidoscope of six different colours

Three sizes to satisfy your needs 


You Will Love it

Styles and colors

We know modern, busy people have many diverse demands and choices.

So we launched MoChic in a range of six colors and three different sizes, seeking to have one perfect for you.


Unique design

Exquisite and unique in shape MoChic is designed to meet three mai  requirements: it must be stunning, practical and Chic our British designer has perfectly captured this simple, exquisite and unique appearance.

Multiple Uses

Scenario 2: Sweet home 

Back home, relaxing with a soothing drink, do you sometimes feel there is something wrong or missing? Try MoChic. featuring its unique design and simple, cool appearance, MoChic enhances the colours and scenery of any room in your home!  


Scenario 4: Take it with you 

MoChic is original,healthy, environmental friendly and convenient to use on the go. You can take it anywhere: car, work, a day out or even shopping, using it for hot or cold drinks: watert, tea, coffee, juice; you decide. 


     Scenario 1: Office

MoChic not only adds a touch of brightness to your office, but also makes you look good when drinking more water, helping to maintain physical fitness, youth and beauty, in a stylish way suited to you, whilst adding colour and inspiration to your office environment. 

   Scenario 3: Modern Coffee & Tea Shops

Today’s Coffee shops are about relaxing in a way that acknowledges the environment and fashion. Take your MoChic, useit, fill it, drink from it and feel good about yourself.  


Basic Information

Name :Tritan handy cup

Size 1: small

Capacity: 8OZ(227ML)

Material: Tritan plastic + silica gel

Colors: lemon yellow/lake blue/passionate red/

purple Size: 86 (diameter) * 85MM( height)

Packaging: 45PCS/carton

carton size:53*33*40CM

Size 2: medium

Material: Tritan plastic + silica gel

Capacity: 12OZ (340ML)

Size: 86(diameter) * 108MM (height)

Colors: lemon yellow/lake blue/passionate red/

charming pink/lime green/mint green

Packaging: 45PCS/carton

carton size:53*33*49CM

Size 3: large

Material: Tritan plastic + silica gel

Capacity: 16OZ (454ML)

Size: 86(diameter)* 141MM (height)

Colors: lime green/mint green

Packaging: 30PCS/carton

carton size:53*33*40CM